Lives in the San Francisco Bay area
Often my artwork reflects every day life such as the news, seasonal changes, and the experience of living. My travels to Europe and Asia also have left me with an accumulation of memories that go beyond definition. I am fascinated with the seductive beauty of the natural world’s ambiguity. This all translates into a visual, sensory overload, flowing out to the canvas in an abstracted, symbolic language of its own. I have had a lifelong interest in art that continues to pull me forward on this path.

I begin my artwork as an unconscious narrative and dialogue. The pencil and the brush marks gradually accumulate into structural and biomorphic images that weave into shapes, colors, and gestures where they overlap and tangle. Some of the many materials used are acrylics, oils, pastels, graphite, and collage. The work can develop quickly or gradually to arrive at the final composition using a method of addition and subtraction, revealing the essence of the finished painting. The finished work allows the viewer to speculate on their own meaning and connection to the art before them.

I have given careful study to Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Antoni Clave’, Antoni Tapies and Turner. The influences, sometimes, are apparent and may be inevitable.